Thursday, 11 February 2016

Have your children been using your sofa as a drawing board? Art of Clean has the solution!

Our sofas and settees receive a lot of wear and tear.  Even more so if you have a young family and pets.

There is always those first couple of years, when you have a young family, where everything gets poured, spilled, rubbed and scribbled over the sofa.  Over time that calms down but you're reluctant to purchase a new sofa as they are an expensive purchase and so looking after them is paramount to a healthy and happy home.

You'll be pleased to hear that all is not lost.  Here at Art of Clean, we specialise in cleaning upholstery and I wanted to show you pictures from a job we did recently for a customer in Cambridge, UK.

Sofa prior to cleaning

The sofa was made from a polyester cotton mix and purchased from IKEA, it had taken quite a battering from the young children of the house with spilt drinks, marker pens and ink all over it.

Large fans are used to dry the sofa after cleaning

I think you'll agree from the photos, the sofa came up rather well.

Sofa drying out

Sofa dried and ready to use

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