Friday, 26 February 2016

Amazing restoration results on Gramwood floor | Art of Clean

Over the past couple of weeks, the Art of Clean team have been working a lot on sanding floorboards so it was interesting when the team got booked on a job to sand a Granwood floor.

Gramwood floor in need of restoration

A Granwood floor is made out of a composition of wood and concrete mix that is then formed into tiles.

These floors are very common in commercial spaces like schools and sports halls these floors has a special requirement to be finished with a solvent based Granwood polyurethane seal.  The downside to this product is that it is very smelly and it is not very good for health and that is why Art of clean team will use masks.

In this case, which is very similar to the previous job we've done for the The Paradise Centre in Ely.

Sanded Gramwood floor

The coating we applied had some anti-slip particles in it because the client requested that we help them solve the slippiness problem on the floor as this was the woodwork shop and all the wood shavings end up on the floor and that causes a slip hazard for the students working in this room

Ben wearing his safety masks during the sanding process

A little bit of advice on what to do when you do have a Grandwood floor that needs refinishing and the best advice would be to attend to your floor before it needs to be sanded.  If the floor is not in too bad a condition the floor can be cleaned back and recoated which means it's much less invasive because if Cranwood floors need to be fully sanded back it is a very messy and very dusty process and the dust created from this is a very harmful.

Ben applying the sealant

For that reason the floor should be kept in a good condition and then every one to two years the floor should be cleaned back properly and a fresh coat of gram guard should be applied.  This way the floor is never left to deteriorate and I know invasive sanding will not be required, if cared for well.

Gramwood floor sealed and restored

In a case where the floor is left too long and it will need sanding, be prepared that the floor will be out of action for a long time usually a week or two.  Also be prepared for the smell, as it is very strong and you will probably not be able to use the floor for a few days and windows and doors would need to be left open so that the smell can despite.

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