Monday, 25 January 2016

How do I get rid of pet odors in carpets?

Have you just had your carpet cleaned and there's a strong smell of wet dog?  But you haven't got a dog.  Well there could be a simple solution to this and it could do with the previous owners of your home. They probably had the dogs in the house.

As we all know dogs love to roll around on the floor and our carpets will get covered in dog grease and proteins, which overtime build up, but for the people who own the dogs the smell won't be immediately noticeable.  That will be left to the person who inherited the carpets.

When you have your carpets professionally cleaned you are cleaning deep within the fibres and removing much of the dust and dirt, including the old dog grease and proteins with the Hot Water Extraction.

There will be some residual hair and proteins on the surface of the carpet which will be damp, which cause the damp dog smell!

But with a few good goes with the vacuum cleaner, that will remove the resurfaced dog hair and should eliminate the problem of the wet dog smell.

Finally, consider that many products that are safe for humans are not always all of our cleaning products are safe for dogs, but here at the Art of Clean, all the products we use to sanitise carpets and get rid of the smell are plant base, so safe for our four legged friends.

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