Monday, 11 January 2016

Do you know we clean sofas?

Here at Art of Clean, we live for cleaning!  And there is no better satisfaction than seeing a smile on our customers faces and a job well-done!

We understand choosing a cleaning company is a very difficult decision to make, when handing over the responsibility of cleaning one of you most expensive household items.  We want to alleviate your concerns and be rest assured that all our technicians are fully qualified in the work they undertake.

So we want to share with you the process of cleaning a sofa.

What is the process of cleaning a sofa?

Start by vacuuming the piece very well using a Seabo vacuum cleaner.

Once done vacuuming lay out a drop sheet to protect the floor then go-ahead and set up the hoses from the van and then mix your pre-spray this will be used to release the soiling from the fabric
This is then gently agitated into the fabric using a soft brush cotton towels can also be used

Any small spots and stains will then be treated with a special stain remover after this we are now ready to extract clean the fabric

Working on the drop sheets to stop any drips from going onto the floor we will now steam clean or hot water extract the upholstery

The benefit in choosing a professional company like Art Of Clean Office Mobile means that your upholstery will get cleaned with a truck-mounted machine this means the machine is self-contained runs on LPG gas(makes it very environmentally friendly) we bring our own water and we take the dirty water away with us it is a much deeper clean - the cleaning solution coming from our van mounted / truck mounted machine is nice and warm giving a far superior clean compare it to somebody that use small portable cleaning machine.

Once the first few cushions are cleaned we will then place the next two a air mover (dripod) it to help drying

Once the whole suite is clean stain protector will be applied the product we use is Master blend super shield

Art of Clean - before cleaning sofa

Art of Clean - during cleaning sofa

Art of Clean - after cleaning sofa

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