Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Chimney soot be gone!

For those of you with a chimney, you probably know the science...or maybe you don't.

Not to worry, this article's going to tell you of the beauty, the comfort, the science behind and the frustration of chimneys and having one in your home.

So, soot; a by-product of the combustion process. Burn stuff and you get ash, fair enough. The remnants of an inefficiently burnt source of fuel - wood. If said soot is left inside the chimney (and you don't get a 'Sweep' out to clean it) it's very likely to find its way onto your carpet. Those pesky black, sticky particles cling to anything fabric.

Soot marks on carpet

A problem you don't directly think of is your health, soot's a hazard! To your lungs and your family's. In gaseous form and once inhaled, these particulates are classified as carcinogens and mutations.

Now I'm being a drama-queen here...probably, but cleaning your chimney makes not only health sense, but financial and fashion sense too. Beige carpets and black grime just don't go well together.

How to get rid of that soot? Generally, you'd call a professional. We happen to know a few.

Chimney sweep, art of clean

Chimney Corner have been cleaning your chimney, or your neighbour's chimney for nigh on fifty years and in that time, they've seen a thing or two. Now, working in conjunction with Art of Clean, Chimney Corner will do the sweeping, while we do the hoovering.   

As sweep professionals, Chimney Corner look to mitigate the dirt that falls from your chimney (frequency of sweeping helps to limit excess soot damage) but on occasion, it can't be helped and, let's be fair, after a good going-over of your chimney, they're gonna be a touch to mucky to help. That's where Art of Clean comes in. 

Nowadays, fireplaces have taken on a decidedly more modern frontage. Yes, many homes still have that rustic persona, but when installing a new hearth, many move more towards the stylish to complement their designer homes.

open fire

But no matter how young of old your chimney may be, it will always require attention. Heating your home the traditional way is a joy and should be treated with respect.

For sweeping or carpet cleaning, call the professionals.

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