Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Parquet, Parquet, where for art thou, Parquet...oh, there you are

Parquet flooring is the criss-cross pattern you generally see in bedrooms, hallways and even used by the NBA.

It lends itself to design and with a host of geometric patterns can transform an ordinary, plain wood floor into something magnificent.

So, when Art of Clean were called out to their latest job, their hearts sank. 

Over the years, Parquet flooring can wear, like anything else, and a face lift is needed. Especially when far, far too much veneer make-up has been applied.

Case in point:

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Setting to it, Paul (our fearless team leader) began stripping this heavily decorated floor, searching for the beauty beneath.

wood sanding cambridge

wood sanding cambridge

wood sanding cambridge

Thankfully, she was still there. What a transformation!

Remember: always call the professionals!

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Source: http://woodsanding.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/parquet-parquet-where-for-art-thou.html 

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