Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pallmann's Blue Sheep Invasion

In the last week or so, we were treated to a new, world record bleeting...sorry, beating, sheep.

Chris the sheep measured in at a little over 27 kilos and it is estimated (by us) that said wool could easily be cleaned-up and loomed into no fewer than 10 rugs.

On our recent trip to see our friends at Pallmann in Germany, Paul (our master sander) found these little fellas.

Now, this picture is taken from distance and as a photo, does not show movement, but we'd hazard a guess and claim that these sheep are not real. Were they, we could have given 'em a good sheering and paid the extra baggage costs to take 'em back to the UK.

In other Pallmann related news; Paul was able to undertake training on wood floor colouring.

That's him, layering on the solution; the Pallmann X 98 Gold colour oil on the top of the already applied Pallmann X 333 Brown and White.

Here you can see the results. A pretty big difference, I think you'll agree.

Wood floor colouring or staining is fast becoming a trend. People all over the world have taken on this design option and as such, we wasted no time in adapting and training with the best. Pallmann's range of colourants are the most vivid and varied on the market, so when we choose to use them, you know why.

Of course it's also very nice to get to pop over to Germany and take in the wineries. Paul would like to thank the boys; Klaus, Hagen, Jocken, Mike Hamer and never forgetting Terry Guilford - Technical Director of our affiliates, The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company.

If you are in the market for a touch of colour added to your wood flooring, please, feel free to call.

We'd love to pop over and transform your floor into something fresh and new. Add some new colour to your life and your living room.

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