Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Consumer, Re-user - A good reason to clean the old and not buy new

In this consumer economy, one we've all lived for a generation now, we find ourselves spending and spending and never truly getting. Our budgets increase, our wages decrease and our homes fill to the rafters with countless items we don’t actually need or, more often, want - after the first thrill of the purchase.

Whether you’re buying food, drink, clothing, furniture or cars, at the end of the day, there’s only so much space and the world is only getting smaller. This is not our rant on the buying culture, it’s our suggestion that moderation and economy can be a revelation as well.

How often have you crawled into your attic, or rummaged through the clothes at the back of your closet and found that gem? That jumper your uncle bought you in 2005 that was hideous then, but is fashion now? That little table you found at the local car boot sale and thought, I’m going to sand and polish that, and never did?

Reusing, re-working, renewing.

Now look around your living room. What needs replacing? That rug. Are you sure? That sofa. Really? Isn’t it possible that those items you bought haven’t lost style, they’re just lost their va va voom.
Rugs, carpets, wooden floors, sofas, chairs…they all need upkeep. They all need a wash, just like you.

It’s not sexy.

Cleaning a rug is dull…until it’s clean, then it’s a marvel you didn't see the difference before.

You know what is sexy? Looking at your bank balance after that clean and comparing it with what it would have been, if you’d gone with your first instinct and bought a new sofa or rug.

We’re not suggesting you stop spending, far from it, we all like to buy things. What we are suggesting is you think what you need and decide what is needed.

Your wife needs those flowers, your husband needs those socks, but do you really need a brand new sofa, especially when there are so many deals to be had and reclaimed wonders to be discovered? 

This example doesn't exactly compound my argument, but taste is subjective.

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