Monday, 20 April 2015

What a transformation on this pine floor!

Have you ever wanted to see how your wood floor would look like after the sanding and lacquering?

Here we go. We have just completed a work on a pine wood floor and it looks amazing.

After the sanding, we will apply a primer followed by one coat of water based lacquer.
Once the first coat has cured, the floor will be prepared for a further 2 coats of lacquer. Be aware that if will take up to 8 hours* for the floor to cure enough to allow light foot traffic. Furniture can only move back 24 hours* after foot traffic has commenced. (Avoid at all cost dragging furniture on a freshly lacquered floor surface.)
* Curing and drying time depends on weather conditions and air flow

We will be happy to come and have a look at your wooden floor to see what would be the best finish for the floor. So please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01223 863 632 :)

pine wood floor sanding and lacquering

pine wood floor sanding and lacquering

pine wood floor sanding and lacquering

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