Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to clean dirty grout line on a Porcelain tile loor

It can be very difficult to clean the grout line. Using the wrong cleaning product will attract the dirt and then it becomes too dirty that a mop on its own cannot do the work properly.

At Art of Clean, we use the best equipment and the best methods to ensure your floor looks like new again. I must say that it isn’t always possible to remove all the dirt if the grout has not been sealed before. The oil of the cooker could have penetrate so deep in the grout that the grout will look better but not perfect.

Some grout will not respond to the cleaning product as well as other so if this is the case, we have got the solution of colouring the grout line. We will only colour the grout line between ceramic and/or porcelain tile. 

If you are not sure what can be done, just give us a call on 01223 863632 and we will be happy to help.

Below is a porcelain floor that had dirty grout line. It cleaned very well. We didn’t have to colour the grout line. We also seal the floor after the clean to make the maintenance easier.

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