Thursday, 19 February 2015

Top 3 reasons why waiting to clean your fine hand made rugs can destroy their beauty and their value

* Dirt cuts into your rugs fibres like a knife: every time you walk on a dirty rug the mineral in the dirt and dust actually etch (scratch and cut) the fibres until the lustre and resiliency are worn away. (Harder materials always destroy softer material, so the more dirt in your rugs the faster they wear out and lose their beauty and value.)

Notice the “Cutting Edges” in a grain of sand magnified

 * Carpets and area rugs act like filters and trap insect, dirt, dust and bacteria in the fibres. Without proper cleaning these breed in the carpets fibres – affecting indoor air quality.

* You have to deal with pet stains right away to avoid damage and unsanitary conditions.
- Pet urine and vomit goes HOT and ACIDIC, so it penetrates the rug fibres completely.
- Because hand made rug dyes are “acidic dyes” this means the pet urine essentially “Re-Dyes the fibres yellow and then sets itself.
- If this is NOT dealt with immediately, stains can be permanent.

NB: Repeated urine contamination not only devalues the rug, it is also a health concern for the indoor living environment of your home or office.