Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The importance of furniture cleaning in schools

Many schools find their budgets are squeezed to the limit these days. Refurbishment of schools do require a skill to choose items that will last for years to come. Many of these items come at a great price on the thought that the investment will a long term
It is only a few years down the line that caretakers in schools start to question these items that received a large chunk of the refurbishments cost. The reason these items gets questioned is down to the fact that it clearly has deteriorated extremely fast.

It is in times like this that caretakers realise these items will not magically last for many years to come without the necessary maintenance to keep them in top shape.

One of these particular items we recently cleaned for a school in Cambridge was designer style chairs and poufs. These chairs and poufs where purchased for a substantial amount of money less than 2 years ago. The cleaning contractor working at the school in Cambridge is not contracted to clean these chairs and poufs thus the items were left with marks and stains on them. The art room they were placed in is a place where the walls are painted in a special paint to allow children to practice their artistic skills and draw and write on the walls with special pens placed around the room. Sadly the children find it is not enough to draw only on the walls and has started drawing on the chairs as well. Art of Clean in Cambridge was called in to deep clean the chairs and poufs and restore them. We could remove nearly all staining and ink marks from the chairs.
Best advice to make your furniture and furnishings last as long as possible in your school is to ensure it received the correct cleaning on a regular basis. If children see the standards are kept high it will deter them from drawing on the furniture

Here is a video showing the process we follow for cleaning office Chairs

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