Thursday, 5 February 2015

The difference between oiled and lacquered flooring

When deciding what finish to apply to your wood floor you need to consider the differences of oil and laquer.

A lacquer finish is basically a surface coating that will provide a high level of protection to the wood, it is highly durable however it can be accumulate scratches and dents rather easily so and so makes a poor choice for a floor that is going to receive a lot of foot traffic (especially if you have dogs as their claws will scratch the lacquer awfully).  The other down side to using lacquer is that when it wears it requires a full sanding and re-application, so long term maintenance costs are higher.

When oiling your wooden floor the product will penetrate the wood, nourishing and protecting it from within.  You will have a more natural wood floor finish however the oils is not quite as durable as lacquer.  On the plus side however you can re-oil your floor with little to no sanding and will successfully fill light scratches, deeper scratches will require sanding prior to re-oiling but this can be done locally so does not require a full floor restoration.

Below Pierre discusses the differences between oil and lacquer with Terry Gifford, owner of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company.  Terry offers a medium ground option of from Pullmann with their Magic Oil that soaks in and leaves a thin protective layer on the surface of the wood making it more durable than standard oil options...

Magic Oil 2K is a perfect hybrid of natural oils and waxes. This unique two component finish produces a uniform matte, velvety surface that repels dirt and water. It is suitable for all raw wood floors, solid or engineered, solid cork flooring and is rated for use on radiant heat floor systems. Magic Oil’s rapid drying properties allow for refinishing to be completed quickly, making it a perfect product to use for commercial applications.

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