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How to clean your tiled floor

If you have a lovely tiled floor in your home which is not looking at it's best, then the chances are that it will need a deep clean to bring it back to it's original state. So here is a short guide on how to clean your tiled floor, if you're unsure then why not give our team a call on 01223863632.

Before cleaning always make sure that you try out the cleaning products in an inconspicious area of your floor. This process should ONLY be used on man made tiles.

When your floor needs a deep clean it will start to show up grubby grout lines. Most man made tiles has a lower porosity thus the surface will stay cleaner but the grout lines and other rough surfaces will start accumulating dirt.

Kitchens and hallways  -
Alkaline cleaners react best against general greasy soil types. For cleaning bathroom tiles see “How to clean bathrooms and shower rooms”

The deep cleaning of your floor will rely on a balance between
- Chemical
- Dwell Time
- Agitation
- Temperature

Cleaning tools required:
- Medium to stiff scrubbing brush
- Bucket with warm water 
- Rubber gloves
- Optional – soft steel brush (very important to test in inconspicuous area before use – it can scratch some tiled surfaces)
- 2 Compartment mop bucket and mop - http://bit.ly/11MnGGv
- Cleaning solution– Wax and Residue remover - http://bit.ly/15qz8PD

Cleaning Process:
- Move all furniture from the area to be cleaned.
- Sweep the floor first to remove all dry soil.
- Mix your cleaner (Wax and residue remover) in hot water in the bucket (Not mop bucket) – Small amounts to clean 2 – 3 sq meter at a time according to dilution rate
- Keep a dry towel handy to mop up cleaning solution that might run under cabinets and cause unwanted swelling to wood furniture.
- Use rubber gloves and apply cleaning mix to an area of approx. 2sq meter – Let it dwell for 10 – 15 minutes. Use your brush to agitate the cleaning solution well into the floor and grout lines.
Note – Grout lines might still look dark while they are wet – true results will only be visible when totally dry.

Repeat this process if the floor still show dirt – Important – Repeat the cleaning process rather than making the cleaning solution double as strong. (the success at cleaning will be found in the balance of CHAT – Chemical Heat Agitation and Time)

Following each clean use water in your 2 compartment mop bucket and rinse the floor – Wring the mop to keep the dirty water from the floor in one side and rinse your mop in the clean water on the other side

Work in sections and make a fresh cleaning mix doing approx. 2sq meter at a time. Let the floor dry before you repeat the process if required. If the grout lines are still dirty repeat the cleaning process and carefully use the steel brush with great care.

Once the floor is clean rinse the floor very well with clean water and mop up using your 2 compartment mop bucket - http://bit.ly/11MnGGv

It will be highly important to rinse the floor well with only clean water – any cleaning residues left will attract soil fast.

Leave your floor to dry out...

You can speed the drying process up by using an air mover - http://bit.ly/14EknpM

Once well dry (many times it is best to leave it 24 hours)

Apply a sealer –
For porcelain and ceramic use an impregnator - http://bit.ly/1dH3xJm
For Quarry tile use a colour enhancing impregnator - http://bit.ly/19BDpeJ
When applying the impregnator do NOT leave any on the surface – Apply a thin but even coat – leave for 2 – 4 minutes and wipe dry with a dry towel. Apply 2 – 3 coats depending on the tile.
For regular cleaning refer to our other document titled -

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