Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Commercial carpet tiles in Cambridge

Getting the right floor installed in your office is important, if you get it wrong you may find that maintenance costs are high to keep it in good condition, or worse still by choosing a floor insufficient that can't take the foot traffic you may fine yourself having to replace the floor sooner than expected.

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for office floors, and for good reason. They are made to be very durable to take a great deal of wear and tear, and they come in a huge range of colours and designs.

Why choose tiles and not a wall to wall carpet?

The greatest advantage to floor tiles is that they can be replaced individually! So if a section of the floor becomes damaged you needn't worry about a total refit, you  simply replace the offending tiles - fantastic for the grubby entry way and those tea stains by the kitchen!

So where can I find carpet tiles in Cambridge?

Sawston Carpets and Flooring have a good selection of commercial flooring options including carpet tiles.
 Floor Coverings in Cambridge are a large supplier of commercial and domestic flooring with a large range of different suppliers.

If your floor requires a clean and maintenance contact Art of Clean for more information on our services on 01223 863632 or email us at

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