Monday, 9 February 2015

Bad quality wooden floor under carpet?

We see a great shift where people remove the carpets in homes - in particular the ground floor living areas to expose beautiful wooden floor underneath.

In most cases these wooden floors that have not seen the light of day for many years are actually not intended to become finished wooden floors. The "sub-floor" was intended the have flooring installed over it and it was (and in most cases is still) covered with carpets.

These pine floors do restore well and can give a lovely character to a home. Here are a few things to take note of when you decide to make your sub-floor your main floor.

Previous repairs and damage or cuts in the boards

Some trades people (electricians and plumbers) will lift your carpet and to install cables and pipes beneath the floorboards simply hack through the floorboards - It is understandable as at the point this happen there will unlikely be an intention to sand and finish these floors

In some cases some boards gets replaced with much cheaper softer and lighter pine (most older floors are made up of Pitch Pine)

Gaps between boards

As your underlay and carpet stopped air moving through the floor - once you lift the carpet you will find there is more air movement and the room is then much more likely to have a cooler feel to it.

- See our blog post here on how we filled gaps between pine boards -

Sanding Quotation Pre-Inspection
We experience many home owners lift parts of the carpets in the home and phone for a quotations after they discover what they belief was a hidden treasure - Once we inspect the floors we will only see parts of the floor and it will not be possible to make an informed decision and it will not be possible to provide you with a quote

If you are serious to get your newly discovered wood floor restored it is strongly advised that all of the carpets will have to be removed.

Once the whole floor is exposed we will happily provide you advice on what can be done on your floor and this will allow you to make an informed decision.

Very important: the carpets need to be out of the way for us to see what repairs will be 

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