Friday, 23 January 2015

Wood floor sanding at Norwich Cathedral

Art of Clean and Affiliate to Ultimate floor sanindg recently had the pleasure to sand an re-finish the oak floor to the refectory at Norwitch cathedral

We have finished the floor a few years ago using Pallmann Magic oil.

The re-finishing of the floor was made much easier this time due to the fact that oil was used before.
We only had to lightly sand the floor to an even finish. To achieve that we sanded the floor with a 80 grit belt sanding machine and edger sanders

We then proceeded to sand the wood floor using a special multi head rotary sander to remove any small scratches

The floor was then re-oiled using Pallmann Magic Oil

Using oil also allow for a shorted application drying and curing times and this means the client can use the floor much sooner. When lacquer is used the floor require drying for a minimum of 8 hours and 14 days curing.

Here is a short time-lapse video showing the stages of the wood floor sanding at the Norwich Cathedral Refectory