Tuesday, 6 January 2015


"Why does my carpet smell like dog after cleaning even though I have no dog!"

 Have you had your carpet cleaned and noticed a funny smell? Like wet dog?  This is probably because the home owners before you had dogs in the house.

"But it didn't smell of dog before"
That's because the house has aired out, the smell that lingered in the air has worked its way out and so generally you do not notice the doggy smell.  The carpets will have, I would assume, been at least vacuumed and in reasonable condition once you entered the house so much of the animal hair and dander that resided on the surface of the carpet will have been removed.

When you have your carpets cleaned you are cleaning deep within the fibers and bringing up all the dust and dirt that has worked its way down there - including all the old dog hair and dander!  This has now been bought up to the surface of the carpet and much has been removed with the Hot Water Extraction, however not all of it.  There will now be some residual hair and dander on the surface of the carpet which will be damp - and damp hair = damp dog smell!

You will need to give the carpet a few good goes with the vacuum cleaner, that will remove the now resurfaced dog hair.  This should eliminate the problem of wet dog smell.

 For more information on how to remove dog urine from carpet read here:



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