Monday, 5 January 2015

Increased carpet sales - a sign of improved housing market?

Carpet retailers and fitters look forward to a brighter 2015 after a much improved year in 2014.

Few businesses have managed to do little more than get by during the recent recession, carpet retailers and fitters being no exception as many have struggled to keep afloat with the cutbacks on household spending.

However 2014 was a brighter year for the carpet market.  It followed closely behind the success of the housing market which boasted an impressive rise of 7.4%.  Much to the delight of the carpet retailers and fitters, new home owners were willing to invest in their new properties, and carpet demand was on the rise.

Changes in fashin have also played a part in the sudden surge of carpet demand.  According to Ian James, president of the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers,

"There is a trend of [consumers] going back to carpet instead of cheaper laminate flooring." (sourced

Why are people choosing carpet over hard floor?

Apart from the comfort factor of a lovely warm carpet upon your bare feet, people have also begun to understand the hygienic benefits of carpet.  "Such as?" I hear you say?

Carpet actually acts as a filter and can hold onto dust and dirt which can then be safely extracted by regular cleaning (including an annual deep clean by a professional) with the correct equipment (namely a good filtering vacuum cleaner such as the Sebo - found at

Analysts predict increase at a rate degree of increase for 2015, with estimated 4% rise predicted.  This still sounds like possitive news for carpet retailers and fitters.

Does a new home need a new carpet?

If the carpet seems of good quality and has little staining then a professional clean is all that is needed  - that is if the carpet works with your style!

If, however, you desire a new carpet that is fresh, clean works with your interior style we'd recommend using quality local carpet suppliers, such as:
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If you buy certain wool carpet Brands you get the woolsafe WOW (wool owners warnetee)


**Just always remember - a new carpet will need protection asap! Carpet protector will greatly improve the life of your carpet***


In this short video Anthea Turner simply explains the benefits of carpet protection

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