Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Get the most from your Commercial floor and floor sanding investment? PART 1

You would have spent a lot of money getting your sports hall or commercial floor re-sanded – The floor is then coated and fresh lines / court markings is applied at great expense .

Your commercial floor looks really good and everyone enjoy using the floor.

This is where the floor can start burning a hole in your pocket if you do not care for your floor–
The finish on the floor slowly starts wearing away –

You might start to notice dull areas forming on the floor where areas gets used more often
- Especially sports courts will show where players of sport use the floor most
- Entrance doorways might start show traffic lanes

Nothing to worry about at this stage as the floor still looks great – after a deep clean it looks great

It is only 11 months in (or 18 months if the floor does not get too much use) that you start to notice a few damaged areas on the floor – at this point you might have to look to see them.

This is the point – your floor has started calling out for help …

Well as we know budgets are tight and the plan for the new roof or the new car-park gets the go ahead as the finance department can no see the need for spending money on a floor that do not look bad – in all fairness – to the untrained eye – the floor still looks good.

Here is where the smoulder turns into a flame inside your pocket

The lines you spent so much money on is by this point starting to be exposed and is some places.

At this point the water from the daily cleaning of the floor is now seeping into the wood floor

It will seem like only weeks later that someone starts to complain there are parts of the lines missing and badly worn away.

It is at this point that the hole burned in your pocket is now big enough to let you lose more money.

The new sport centre on the other side of town has a nicer court with clear lines – Bookings to your hall start to tail off as they prefer playing on better courts – This is costing you money every week as you lose bookings...

Where do you go now? Budgets are still tight and now you’re the establishment needs a new heating system and the electrics needs attention – not to even mention the fire alarm problems – The floor is the last thing on everyone’s mind.

It is only after a 2 hour long meeting that the finance department is convinced something has to be done about the floor.

The floor now needs a deep sand – losing about 3 – 6 mm of the floor meaning you lose a lot of the life to your floor – new lines has to be applied and this project will take 2 weeks.

Once quotes come in it makes the eyes of the finance department water though the reason for this is not clear to them. The floor requires deep sanding and full restoration.

What can be done to ease the burden on maintaining your wood floor ?

Read our blog tomorrow to find out more...

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