Friday, 30 January 2015

Cleaning commercial wooden floor in Huntingdon

Oiling wood floor
Wooden flooring in commercial businesses can be a real asset, however they do need to be looked after regularly to prevent them from needing to be sanded too often. Years of not using the correct cleaning products, and opting for products such as bleach can leave them in really bad condition.
Having to re-sand a wood floor can have a huge impact on your business, as it will normally take between 2-3 days to complete, depending on your chosen finish. If your flooring hasn’t been made from natural wood and instead is a quality engineered wood floor your only option might be to replace it if you do not maintain it properly.

The cost of sanding a floor properly is expensive if you want it done properly as it is very labour intensive. If you find someone who does it on the cheap, then the chances are you will need to have it re-sanded again in the near future, as they will not carry out the job of sanding and sealing it very well, and in the worse case scenario you might have to completely replace your floor. Make sure when you commission your wood floor to be cleaned that you use someone who has the relevant training and experience.

A 80 - 100m2 wood floor will cost approximately £2000 - £3 000 to have sanded and finished professionally, plus the loss of revenue for at least 3 days. However if you maintained your floor it could have saved you this money and loss of business.

If you leave your floor for too long and you need to have it completely relayed it will be much more expensive, and it will take approximately 6 - 14 day to replace.
We recently completed a wood floor for an independent hotel in Huntingdon and used an oiled finish to seal their walnut wood floor (see picture) through the night, to save them money and inconvenience.

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