Monday, 26 January 2015

An unusual painted wood floor that need unusual care

Have you ever had a vision of something so perfect and such a desire to achieve your goal you were not willing to compromise.

Well that is just what Luis Navaro did with their new restaurant on Petty Cury Nanna Mexico.
The shop design and interior is amazing to say the least. If you have not been you so have to make a trip down there – Oh yes and the food is amazing!

Well back to Luis’s dream...

This included a rustic floor – It is made of reclaimed painted pine floorboards. Instead of sanding the boards down the painted floorboards where left looking rustic.
This featured floor adds lots of character to the restaurant.

Well you probably ask “where do Art of Clean fit in?”

Here it is – Luis noticed the floor built up dirt real fast and it was hard to keep clean.

We were called in and the specification was simple – “we do not want to lose the character of the floor so please do not sand it “one of the other options where to apply a polly urethane finish over the top of the paint.

To achieve this our biggest challenge was to ensure the new finish adhere to the painted wood surface.

Here is how we did it:

The floor was deep cleaned, dried and a coatin of Pallmann 350 (this product enable a extremely good bond // adhesion between the paint and the coatings of lacquer that followed. This was then followed by 3 coats of Pallmann Lacquer. So far this was only a test to ensure all our expectations are met.

After 6 weeks we have inspected the floor several times and the new finish on the floor helps greatly with keeping the floor clean. We will be heading back soon for further testing and inspection before the task proceed to apply the lacquer over the whole floor.

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