Monday, 8 December 2014

Tips to prevent mould build up in bathroom

What does mould need to live?


This is why mould is such a problem in bathrooms.  After our hot shower or bath steam has left a layer of moisture all over the bathroom.  Much of this will evaporate away and will not cause a problem, but certain areas of your bathroom will remain wet, most notably in tile grout.  This is because grout is porus and retains moisture.  This gives mould the ideal conditions to thrive.

Cleaning mould can be quite a pain for a few reasons, firstly you will probably need to use a strong chemical like bleach to remove it which for many people is not a favorable option; secondly, the mould can stain the grout and is practically impossible to remove.

As with most things, prevention is better that a cure so here are some tips to prevent mould build up:

  • Ventilation - after showering or bathing  be sure to open the window to let the moisture out.
  • Open shower door - this will help with air circulation, closing the door will lock the moisture in.  Curtains are a different matter as they will hold moisture and need to dry out so they need to be closed to dry out to prevent mould build up on them - however this created a bit of a conundrum as air will not circulate the shower so well; so best to close the curtains partially but still leave some open space for air movement.
  • Clean regularly - Regular cleaning will help keep mould at bay.  Left to build up and the mould will become more difficult to remove.
  • Remove limescale - Limescale is an attractive surface for mold to grow on.  Use a limescale removing cleaner during your regular clean to reduce mould favorable surfaces.
  • Seal tiles - sealer prevent tiles and grout from being so water retaining.

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