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Pallmann - for wood floor maintenance

As with all consumer markets markets there is a lot of competition when it comes to buying a product, and the wood floor care industry is no different.

Sometimes our customers request that we use a certain product in their homes as they have researched the options and decided this is what suits them, and we are only to happy to oblige.

Mostly, however, our customers put their trust in our professional opinion, so we make sure we do our homework, keep up to date with the products on the market, and assess what is best - for the wood, for the client, and for our team to work with.

We have been using Pallmann for a number of years now and we feel their products and ethos gel well with our own high standards and industry responsibility that we set for our own company.

PALLMANN summarizes their full range offer for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring with this motto. We are professionals in the area of surface refinement with a tradition of more than 110 years offer matching products for all aspects of floor construction – from surface treatment, cleaning and maintenance, down to wood floor adhesives, products for subfloor preparation and machines.
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The present and future mission of Pallmann:

Phasing out solvent based products - Pallmann are working to phase out high solvent based products and currently provide a large range of  low solvent water-based products.  High level solvent based products were regarded as industry standard in recent years, but it has now been proven that the fumes given off are potentially harmful to those working with them and for the people living with them in their homes and offices.

Pallmann proudly proclaimed last year that it provides:

The world’s first completely solvent-free coating system for wood floors

We strive to use the best products available so that we can provide the best service for our customers.  You can find some of the Pallmann range of floor cleaning and maintenance products for sale at our online store, visit .

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