Tuesday, 30 December 2014

How to clean a rug with snow


This is an old rug cleaning method used in many countries that regularly receive sub-zero winters with substantial snow fall.  As the North of England are experiencing a particularly cold winter at the moment I though this information may be useful!

Rug cleaning using snow is a very effective method, it leaves the rugs bright, clean and bacteria free!  However you cannot just stick your rug into any old snow, you'll need fresh, light, dry snow - not the soggy stuff.  The key is that the rug never actually gets wet as the dry snow and the sub-zero temperatures means the snow never actually melts.

The sub-zero temperatures kill any bacteria and bugs in the rug (in the same way that we use our chiller at the rug cleaning studio to kill carpet moths).  The cold snow also helps to solidify any greasy build up on the rug which is then beaten away, leaving the rug looking vibrant.


Here is how to clean a rug using snow:

  1. Put the rug outside to acclimatise - the rug needs to be very cold else the snow will melt and wet the rug which will inhibit the whole cleaning process.
  2. Lay rug face down in the clean dry snow - cover with snow and let it lay for 15-20 minutes before gently beating the rug with a broom to loosen the dirt from the fibers.
  3. Flip rug - flip it and move rug to a clean area of snow.  Again cover with snow, let it sit for 15-20 minutes before beating the other side to loosen and remove the dirt from the reverse.
  4. Repeat - if a lot of dirt has been left in the snow you may want to repeat the beating process until you are satisfied with the dirt removal.
  5. Brush snow off -  once you are pleased with the dirt removal shake or beat the rug over a railing to remove the snow.  Bringing the rug indoors and hang it out to sublimate - any remaining snow should turn to directly to vapor without actually wetting the rug.
If you lack the sub-zero climate and drifts of fresh powdery snow you may want to opt for a more modern carpet cleaning approach which is where Art of Clean can help.  We are proud to be the only Master Rug Cleaners in Cambridge.  We have a rug cleaning studio with a state of the art rug centrifuge that ensures the deepest clean and quickest drying time for your rug.

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