Tuesday, 2 December 2014

#2 - In the advent of Christmas we are giving 24 reasons to have your carpet cleaned

It's just 23 days until Christmas!

With family coming round it's time to get the house looking it's best.  In order to prepare your home for their arrival, at the top of your "to do" list should be getting your carpets cleaned.  We're going to give you 24 festive reasons to have tour carpet cleaned.....

Reason #2

Not only will the carpet look good, the atmosphere of the whole room will be improved

Did you know that carpets play a huge roll in the condition of your homes atmosphere?

The fibers of the carpet create a small ecosystem of their own, collecting and harboring anything that comes in contact with them, be it soil, dust, pollen and smells.  Vacuuming will only extract the surface layer of this ecosystem, some of which will be pumped back into the rooms atmosphere from the vacuuming process.

To have your home smelling really fresh the carpets need to be deep cleaned once a year.


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