Friday, 28 November 2014

Vacuum cleaning relaxation

Did you know that some people actually find vacuuming relaxing?


I have to say I was quite shocked to find there are literally hours and hours of videos on YouTube of people vacuuming.  This is because the noise that is creates is called "White Noise" and some people find this very relaxing.

What is White noise?

The best way that white noise can be explained is that white noise, also called white sound, is not a "noise." White noise is actually a sound frequency or a signal that one hears as a gentle hiss, similar to the sound of wind rustling through trees, a waterfall, radio static or the ocean surf. To use a simple analogy, the color white contains the whole spectrum of colors of light. Similarly, white noise is created by using the entire spectrum of frequencies the human ear can hear.
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Why would someone listen to white noise?

In the busy environment we live in these days there are a huge number of sounds that constantly demand our ears attention - just in your home for instance you may hear traffic, people outside walking/talking, your neighbours moving/door slamming/talking, dogs barking, church bells ringing (as we unfortunately do at home in Willingham, every 15 minutes for 24 hours a day!) ....the list can go on.

For some people these sounds can be very disruptive with sleep or work, white noise basically offers a steady stream of sound that can help distract them.  It also reportedly has great affect for helping people with insomnia, the constant rhythmical background sound helps lull them to sleep.

Tinnitus sufferers have the opposite problem, they find the internal ringing most noticeable when there is no other sound to distract them.  Many sufferers seek sound therapy, using neutral and repetitive white noise they somewhat outweigh the sound of ringing, giving the sufferer some peace.

Here's a little snip from a video titles "Chills and Thrills Relaxation Vacuum Cleaner Hoover Hoovering"

We've got some lovely sounding machinery, if you'd like a little noise therapy whilst we sand your floors or clean your carpet we're be happy to oblige.

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