Monday, 10 November 2014

Frequently asked questions about floor sanding: how to sand a floor from Art of Cleans perspective

1. Is it dusty?
The professional sanding machines that we use collect up to 99% of the dust produced! (depending on how level the floor is).  It can never be 100% efficient.  To protect against this we will bring dust sheets and masking tape to seal up any openings and spaces that need to be kept dust-free.  We will also vacuum the floor several times during the process.

2. How long will it take?

That depends on the type of flooring and the finish.  It may take several days for  a large area or multiple rooms.  You will need to ensure that the area to be sanded will be free of traffic and furnishings for this period.  We will discuss timing with you when we give you your free quotation.

3.  Do I need to move the furniture?

The areas to be sanded will need to be cleared of all furniture before we arrive and no furniture to be replaced for 24 hours after the finish is applied (to allow the finish to reach full strength).  If you need help with this we can move them for you (additional fees may apply).  Hard wax oil will be OK to walk on after 4 to 6 hours depending on air flow.

4. Is it noisy?

The preparation (knocking nails in) and the sanding process are very noisy.  The sanding machines we use do have powerful electronic motors and are much louder than your normal D.I.Y. power tools.  The manufactures recommend that the operators wear ear protectors.  Obviously the application of stains and varnishes is a quiet process, except maybe for some out of tune whistling!

5.  Should I have my floors sanded before or after I decorate the rest of the room?

It is advised to leave the skirting board as the last item to be finished as some light scuff marks might show after the sanding.  All other decoration should be finished before.  Please discuss your requirements during the quote stage.

6. Do you use any harmful chemicals/products?

We use water based products that are odor free and non-toxic, unless otherwise requested.  We may use products that are alcohol based.  These have a strong smell that will disappear quickly and is completely harmless (unlike their solvent based counterparts).  We will ensure there is good ventilation.  In very rare cases we may use some paint stripper which is a little unpleasant.

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