Friday, 14 November 2014

Floods on their way to Cambridge? How to prepare your home....

Reports this morning of the M25 collapsing due to heavy winds and rain are putting the UK on high alert of the serious risk of flooding again this winter.

Only last week heavy rains caused flooding across Northern Ireland and South Wales.

With this start to the winter it would be wise and prepare for the worst.

Unfortunately due to the dynamics of the land around Cambridge we are at risk of flooding.  We only need to look back to last winter to remember the detrimental effects this had to us locally, and nationally.

We cannot predict the weather, but we can prepare for it.  Here are a list of ways to prepare your home for flooding:

Make sure your home is watertight:

  • Check drains and guttering are clear for water to flow freely away from the property
  • Check for gaps in the brickwork
  • Check seals around windows and doors are intact without cracks or gaps

Protect your home:

 There are a number of alterations you can make to your home to make it more resistant to floods.
  • Waterproof your walls by using a product such as Waterstop which can be applied to a number of surfaces including brickwork, cememt and tiles.  This creates a protective seal to repel water
  • Fit a non-return valve to your pipe works to stop sewerage water from being forced back up your outlets
  •  If you have ventilation bricks you can apply anti-flood covers


Cambridge Council provide sandbags to homes that are at serious risk of flooding.  You can call them to see if you are eligible to these, however I fear these supplies may come too late or, due to demand and resources, not be available to you at all.

Purchasing your own sandbags may be the best option, and the sooner you make inquiries the better many people will wait until last minute, creating a shortage.  Here are a few contacts for companies that supply sandbags:

Instant Flood Sandbags 01635 550431
Instant Sandbags 0845 094 5623

If floods are imminent:

Preparing for the worst could save you a lot of costs and heartache.  "Best to be safe than sorry"
  • Move any rugs and furniture to a higher floor if possible
  • Any furniture and appliances that can not be moved should be raided on bricks
  • Furniture lets can be wrapped in plastic to try to prevent moisture absorption
  • Empty any low lying cupboards and store content on higher ground
  • Unplug any low lying electrical and move to higher level

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