Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Carpet cleaning under the bed to remove dust mites

It's easy to think that cleaning you sheets regularly and giving your mattress the occasional clean will eliminate the dust mites, but you will be surprised how much skin and dander will fall under the bed.

Did you know that over 80% of asthma sufferers are affected by dust mites? 

It is important when getting carpets cleaned not to miss out the carpet under the bed - some carpet cleaners will just clean around the bed and leave the dust mites beading safely under your bed.

Moving  a bed can be tricky if the bed has legs on the underside, legs can break off if the bed is handled badly.  Dragging a heavy object such as a bed frame across a carpet can also damage the carpet fibers.

How do we do it at Art of Clean? 

We use sliders/skidders to slide the bed safely.

In this photo the legs under the bed have been lifted, foam blocks and skidders have been placed underneath so the legs under the bed do not touch the carpet, the bed can now be moved more easily and without worry of damaging the legs or the carpet fibers.  Once the bed is safely moved we can proceed to deep clean under the bed.

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