Thursday, 20 November 2014

"Can you use a rug & underlay on wood floor with underfloor heating... will this create hotspot?"

We had a very good query from one of our customers the other day, she asked.....

"Rug underlay sound like a good idea but is this advisable on a wooden floor with underfloor heating? Will it not cause a hot spot?"

Pierre's response was:

"If the rug is on the floor it will cause a warmer spot on the floor anyway. I would recommend the multi grip hard floor underlay as the holes in it allow for air and heat dispersion.  The Foxi underlay might become more sticky on a warm floor."

Underfloor heating is taking off as a great economical and space saving heating option.  Many private renovations and private new builds are opting for this technology over the old clunky radiator system.

One of the main concerns people about the system is hot spots.  Technically, if the floor is laid correctly and the piping is evenly spaced there should be not be underfloor hot spots.  Above board, heat will get trapped in areas that cover it - for instance a rug - hence why our customer had concerns about his becoming a hot spot.  However, as Pierre mentioned, using multi grip underlay you are actually giving the rug a little ventilation to assist with heat distribution.  

We offer supply both of these products, the Foxi and the multi grip underlay,  through our online store

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