Friday, 21 November 2014

Calling for Cambridge train service reform! Is the train service in cambridge restricting your business?


It appears the train system around Cambridge need some serious reform.

Cambridge's trains have been in the news not once but twice this week!

The train incident with the horses is just horrific, and whether there is some Health and Safety concern that needs to be addresses there I cannot say.

However, the over crowding of trains from Cambridge has (again) been reported this morning and is certainly a concern that needs address.  As do many other issues such as the seriously awful signage in Cambridge train station - we have used the station for years and still on occasion find it difficult to locate the sign to point guide us in the right on earth do the tourists manage?!

Just last week we were in touch with Rail Network and National Rail Enquiries when our travel plans from Waterbeach train station to London were frustratingly inconvenienced:

On my way to London last Thursday to do a quote on a big job - sanding wood floors, cleaning carpets and polishing a marble floor. An important meeting as you can imagine!

I tried to book my ticket 2 days before via the National Rail app, it is not setup for an easy user experience at all. Could not buy a ticket using my ipad!

No tickets....

I logged a complaint via twitter to @nationalrail.

Next day I bough the tickets in my laptop and opted to collect the tickets from the station on the morning of my travel.  Bad move!

When I got to the ticket machine that morning it was not working.  So I crossed over to the other side of the track - great the machine was working! My card was inserted, now for my booking number - can you believe some if the keys on the touch screen did not work!!

Still no tickets....

We got on the train and traveled to Cambridge where we had to get off the train and go to the ticket counter to get our ticket!

Finally, tickets!

Does train travel really have to be this difficult?  We pay a good price for our tickets and expect to have good service in return.

Please share your train travel frustrations, we'd like to get something done about this issue finally!