Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bamboo wood flooring

Bamboo flooring....not the first choice that springs to mind for most people when considering what wood to use for flooring, but it is becoming more and more widely used.  Apart from its beautiful colour here are a few reasons why people are opting for Bamboo floors these days:


Bamboo....hard???....Yes!!!! Believe it or not it is as strong as Maple and Oak, a widely used flooring choice these days.  Due to its high fiber count bamboo has an impressive robustness meaning it makes a great flooring option, and it withstands much of the day to day wear from shoes and pets, making maintenance costs lower!  It's structure also makes it resistant to woodworm and mold.

Moisture Resistant

Bamboo does not get affected by moisture as much as other woods, meaning the chances of bucking, warping and contraction (leaving gaps in the flooring) are a lot lower.  I have seen bamboo used as a bathroom floor, and after 8 years there was not a sign of moisture damage!

Environmentally Friendly

This factor is becoming more and more important to people as we learn about our impact on nature.  Bamboo is in fact a plant and not a tree, it grows very fast and can be harvested in as little as 5 year! That is considerably faster that any form of tree.

So when don't rule out may be the choice flooring for you.

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