Monday, 27 October 2014

What causes ripples in carpet?

The rippling effect that occurs in a carpet can be caused by a number of factors which we will describe below.

As always - prevention is better than a cure!
So read on too see how what you can do to avoid this problem.
Here are a list of the key reasons that rippling can occur and the importance of laying carpet properly:

  • Improperly stretched - the correct method to stretch a carpet is to use a power stretcher, poor technicians may use other techniques that are quicker so that they can achieve more work per day -the key is use a quality and accredited installer, use trade review websites to check their history.
  • Insufficient tacking: Tackless strips the little strips of wood and nails that are attached to the ground floor, the carpet is stretched and hooked to these nails.  Movement can occur if there are insufficient strips, or they are poorly adhered to the ground floor.  Note: 2x layers of strips should be used in certain cases - if the carpet is either woven or if it is being used in a high traffic area such as a pub.
  • Dragging heavy objects: this should be avoided as it can damage the carpet backing and pull the carpet from the securing strips.
  • Delamination of carpet: this is when the primary and secondary backing of the carpet separate.  This can happen if the latex adhesive is not mixed to the correct ratio, or if improper low-density cushioning is used.  Other causes can be overuse of solvent spotters and long periods of moisture of carpet.

***low cost carpet cleaners and hire carpets use cool or just warm water and are poor at drying carpets - residual moisture can cause delimination of carpet***

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