Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Types of stone sealant and how they work

There area a range of different sealers available with most falling into three main groups:

Penetrating/impregnator sealers:
They penetrate deep into the stone.  The purpose is to block contaminants from entering the substrate of the stone while at the same time allowing it to expel interior moisture.  They are therefore "breathable" or vapour permeable.

Topical Sealers:
They can be wither strippable or permanent. many are designed for resilient floors but will state that they are suitable for natural stone.  Most of these are water based products which are made from polymers so that they can easily be removed with compatible stripper.

Traditional sealing methods:
Linseed oil and wax.  This method needs to be carried out by an experienced technician as it can lead to undesired results if done wrong and can be hard to correct.

At art of clean we choose to use and Impregnator.  See our other blog to see why we no longer use Seal and Go: http://artofcleanuk.blogspot.co.uk

See our YouTube video below to see how we cleaned and sealed this Limestone floor with and impregnator

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