Monday, 20 October 2014

Sick and tired of ugly grout and tiles?

  • Just about to give up on your dirty tiles and grout?
  • Sure they will never look good again?
  • Considering ripping them up and replacing them?
Now there is an alternative.  Not only will Art of Clean make your tiles, natural stone and grout look new.... they will also be able to help you keep them looking new!

Grout causes all sorts of problems because it's not only recessed but very porous.  Before long trapped particles of soil, dirt and bacteria turn your clean grout lines into unpleasant dirt valleys.

Using the very latest materials, techniques and equipment Art of Clean will remove any marks and smells and restore your tiles and floors to their original splendor.  Sometimes there is pre-existing damage with might require further attention.

You may have tried cleaning solutions yourself and found the results inadequate.  There are some cleaning solutions that grout will not respond to, but not to worry as Art of Clean have methods to improve the colour of your grout, tiles and stone.

Where cleaning alone is sufficient Art of Clean can also perform another integrate part of the process - to seal the grout.  This will protect it from future day to day dirt and and spills.

An audit is requires are there may be occasions where it is not possible to be sure where cleaning alone is sufficient.  The purpose o f a free audit is to inspect, test and report what work may be required.

We are a professional cleaning company who specialise in CarpetRugHardwood floor, Stone floorUpholstery and Leather cleaning for domestic an commercial clients.

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