Friday, 31 October 2014

Removing head grease patch from sofa hair naturally produces oil as it's own form of conditioner.  Where we rest our head the oil can be transferred to the surface.  This is particularly so with leather as it is a porous material that will absorb fluids.

Grease marks on leather sofas can often be found on the headrest and armrest areas, this will look like a dull, dark patch in of leather.

How to remove the grease patch:

For best results use a leather degreasing product such a Furniture Clinics Leather Degreaser.  Simply apply the paste to the affected area and it will draw out the surface oils and those that have penetrated deeper.

This product can also be used to remove other forms of grease that may have absorbed into your leather, such as greasy food spills or cooking oil splashes.

The product can also be used to clean leather in other forms, for example handbags, boots, steering wheels, jackets.

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