Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How to remove limescale naturally

Limescale creates quite and issue to those living in an area of hard water.  Due to the  geology of the UK landscape there are certain areas that are particularity affected by this, and Cambridge is certainly on of them.  A hard layer of limescale can quickly build up around anything that requires water - taps, shower heads, washing machines, kettle, coffee machines.  Apart from being very stubborn to get your sinks clean the real issue it can also cause the unnecessary early demise of your machinery.

So how can you tackle this pain in the behind?

You can use harsh chemicals, however I've never had great success with these and get a pang of guilt sloshing it down the plug hole.  But all you really need, in scientific terms, is you will undoubtedly have some in your home!.....

  • Lemons/limes
  • Vinegar

The key is LEAVE THE ACID SOAK IN.  This will break down the limescale.


To ensure the taps are getting a good soak, saturate some kitchen towel into the acid of your choice (Lemon/lime juice will smell nicest and is a stronger acid), then wrap the towel around the taps and leave for over an hour to penetrate the limescale.  A gentle scrub with the scourer side of a sponge should quite effortlessly dislodge the build up - leaving bright shiny taps!


Using the acid of your choice, poor in enough to fill about a quarter of your kettles capacity.  Leave to soak for an hour.  Then add enough water to fill the kettle and put it to boil. Remember to give the kettle a good rinse out afterwards else you may have a strange tasting coffee afterwards!  Repeat once a month to reduce build up.

Washing Machine

Add a cup of vinegar of lemon juice to your machine and run it on a hot wash.  Doing this once a month should help reduce the chance of limescale build up.

Mopping your floors regularly will also leave a dull residue on your tiles or wooden floors.  Acid is not necessarily the best product to use on these surfaces.  For professional Floor care call Art of Clean on 01223 863632 or at to find out more.