Friday, 17 October 2014

Amtico floor cleaning in Cambridge UK

Frequently asked question: “I am not sure if the Floor I have is a Amtico Floor – Would your cleaning process be safe for it?
Answer: “For sure it will – Amtico is a top of the range vinyl floor and we are trained to the highest standard – It is as simple as taking your car to a specialist repairer”  Remember all our work comes with a 100% money back guarantee!
The Amtico Cleaning Process:
1-      Inspection:
Your floor will be inspected for any damages or cleaning challenges – BE AWARE - some deep scratch marks cannot be removed.
2-      Dry soil Removal: the floor well to remove dry soil that can cause further wear to the floor during the cleaning process is removed.
3-      Cleaning:
The Amtico Cleaners are applied to the floor and then scrubbed by means of electrical scrubbers with soft brushes or pads depending on your floors requirements. A special pad is used as the last step to prepare the surface for the application of Amtico dressing.
4-      Rinse:
The floor is then rinsed to remove the dirt (Slurry) the cleaning process is repeated if the desired results are not achieved the first time round.
5-      Drying:
The floor is then dried
6-      Application of dressing (sealer)
This steps is crucial for ensuring your floor last as long as possible. The dressing acts as a barrier to soiling and scuffing to the Amtico itself.
Depending on how many coats are applied – it will deliver a sheen on the floor. – No traffic is allowed on the floor for 2 – 4 hours following the application of dressing – PLEASE NOTE – areas with low airflow and higher humidity can take considerably longer to cure  and we advise clients to use common sense before returning the area to full use.
Maintenance and Care: 
We strongly advise the use of a Amtico Maintenance Kit – This will be as specified on your quotation.
Felt pads for furniture – Furniture can easily scratch and wear out your floors and therefore we advise the use of good quality felt pads
We can provide you with a high quality felt pad system
A good quality felt pad will not just protect your floor from wearing out fast but will also protect your furniture from unnecessary stress when dragged.

Watch our short video below to see Pierre demonstrating the cleaning process.

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