Tuesday, 23 September 2014

3,000 year old sarcophagus found in house clearance sold for £12,000 at Willingham Auctions

Cash in your attic?

Stephen Drake, Auctioneer at Willingham Auction House, had an "Indiana Jones moment" recently when he was called to value items at a house clearance in Bradwell-on-sea in Essex.  At first it seemed like another normal clearance.  However the previous owner of the house, Captain 'Tiger Sarll, had left behind a great surprise.  Climbing through a hole in the wall to access this far flung room, Stephen found propped against a wall and covers in cobwebs a genuine sarcophagus.  He contacted the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge who confirmed its origins and dated it at over 3,000 years old! There was a media frenzy at Willingham Auctions last sale when the item was sold for £12,000 to a private buyer.  Fitzwilliam Museum spoke with the new owner "advising her on the possibilities of conserving the piece".

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