Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to get ink stain out of leather?

Have the kids doodled on the sofa? How do I remove pen?? Don’t panic! Immediate action should help remove the stain, however there can be some difficulties removing ink stains….

Firstly though you must assess what leather you have….

There are 3 main types of leather:
Pigmented (protected)
Analine (natural)
Suede or Nubuck

Unfinished leather like Analine and suede have not been protected and will absorb substances quickly, with this leather the stain will be very difficult to remove and will need to be sent to a professional.

Finished leather, which has been protected, will have a coating over the leather to act as a barrier to spills, however without immediately action the ink will eventually soak in and dry, at which time a professional service will be required to re-dye the sofa.

How to clean leather couch

Avoid using household products to clean the stain.  A professional leather cleaning product is best such as Furniture Clinic – Leather Care Kit.  This specialist cleaning product will help remove the stain whilst not damaging the leather.  If you have not used this product on your couch before it is advisable to test the product on a section of the sofa that is not in view e.g. on the back, to check there are not adverse reactions.

Shake the bottle of leather cleaner and apply it to a clean sponge.  Agitate the sponge to create a foam and then rub into the leather in a circular motion.
Use a clean cloth the wipe the area to assess the stains removal.  Repeat process if the stain is still present. If the stain still persists re-dying may be the only solution from here.

Prevention is better than a cure!!

If the stain has uplifted the area will now need to be protected again.  Use the protection cream to condition and protect the leather once again, this is very important to help protect from future spills and stains. Continued leather care is very important, leather furniture will last a long time, much longer than fabric, when looked after correctly.

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