Friday, 8 August 2014

How to care for wood on upholstered furniture

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You may have a favorite chair that you've kept for years as it’s just the most comfortable place to sit and rest.  Or you may have acquired an old piece of furniture that may be a lovely antique or family hand me down.  But have you noticed how the wooden areas get worn and a little grubby? Over time many things will transfer onto the wood of the furniture, where we rest our hands and heads the oils from our skin will transfer into the porous wood, dust will build up, wax from years of polishing will build up, and this can all lead to a dull and sometimes sticky residue covering the beautiful wood. This can be can be rectified with a little TLC.  Restoring old furniture can give the piece a new life and make it fresh again. 

The easiest way to start the care and restoration process it to give the on your upholstery a clean.  How to clean wood furniture? Using an oil based cleaner, such as Method’s Wood for Good will help that will help break down the years of grease and grime using a natural based cleaning agent, that will also cleanse and condition the wood.

Spritz the desired area and use a clean lint-free cloth to work the product in, wiping away the dirt with the clean side of the cloth.  Depending on the product and the level of dirt the product may need to be sprayed and left to work I a moment before removal, and this process may need to be repeated a few times in order to work through the build-up.  When the area is clean, wipe with a clean cloth to remove any excess product.

Next you want to seal the wood with a nice wax or oil to hydrate the wood and protect it from drying out and cracking, giving your loved piece of furniture many more years of use.  A natural wax such as Bee Beautiful Bees Wax with Linseed Oil will give it a nice long lasting polish.  With a clean lint-free cloth simply work the polish into the wood, work with the direction of the grain to achieve the best results.
And finally, maintenance.  Maintain a simple cleaning routine to keep the build of dirt at bay, doing this once a month will ensure that the wood will sustain its beautiful finish.

Restoring wooden furniture, especially restoring antique furniture, will ensure the piece have a much longer life.  If your furniture is particularly precious and you’d like a professional to take care of this work seek out a professional restorer, such as Ludovic Potts of Cambridgeshire.  Look for qualified BAFRA accreditation holders (The British Furniture Restoration Association) who will have the expertise to restore your furniture to its original beauty.

For more information about the restoration and care for the leather and fabric of your upholstery contact the team at to find out about their services.