Thursday, 31 July 2014

Commercial floor care Cambridge

Here Art of Clean team is in action retoring vinyl floors for a new large scale medical research facility in Cambridge. Vast building retoration work in progress followed by our Art of Clean team cleaning stripping and sealing a mixture of vinyl floors including Marmoluim floorz to the lab areas. 

How to plan your commercial building restoration project to keep to the timeline.

Ensure you have all contractors lined up and ensure they all have clarity on the program and schedule

Always ensure you choose your contractors early - best before the project start.

Choose your profesional floor care company early 

To ensure you get the most from your contractors strive to build relationships rather than just obtaining quotes - you will have much friendlier team willing to do much more and to a much higer standard.

Here at Art of aclean we alwayas strive to build a close relationship with those we serve.

Be clear on your objectives and keep all contractors in the loop and on the timescale