Friday, 28 March 2014

Sandstone floor cleaning and sealing

We had great pleasure to help a great client of ours with a challenge on her sandstone floor. The sandstone was laid 3 years ago and did not look very dirty. She started to notice the sandstone grabbed on to dirt more and more. This was an indication that the sealer started to wear away. The sealer that was applied appeared to be an impregnator.

We started by rinsing the stone floor with clean water and vacuumed it up. (Our Van mounted or also known as a truck mount came in very handy here) We then applied a Wax and Residue remover to break down the greasy soils - As it is in a kitchen there will always be oil present. They also have a lovely black Labrador and this can add to dirt build up.

Once applied the cleaning solution is agitated into the floor with a rotary machine and hand brushes for the corners. Time on the floor helps the cleaner work and do its magic. 20 - 30 minutes later the stone floor gets a final scrub before the slurry (dirty water) gets rinsed off at high pressure.

The floor was cleaned several times to get the desired result.

Sandstone can be very porous so it was left over night to dry off.

Sandstone is a textured stone thus dirt grabbing on to it really easy and it is famous for shredding mops easily. To reduce this sandstone floor was sealed with a good quality topical sealer. This helped to enhance the colour of the stone and gave it a silky smooth finish.

Our client was so happy she asked us to clean the sandstone in the rest of the house as well.