Sunday, 1 September 2013

What finish is best for my wood floor – Lacquer (varnish) or oil?

 What finish is best for my wood floor:  
Lacquer (varnish) or Oil?

Since Art of Clean started offering wood floor sanding early last year we had several clients asking about wood floor finishes. Linda Leon recently asked about Bona Traffic and Hard Wax Oils and which
one we recommend… see our answer below…

“…The product I mentioned this morning is
called, Bona Traffic HD as a recommended covering for high traffic areas.  What does your technical person say about it?   Regards,”  Linda Leon, Cambridge

Bona traffic is a good product I do agree. In the wood flooring product market there are only a select few producers of the raw products that are used. The raw product is then turned into the final product. Most companies (Junkers, Bona, Granwax, Eukula, Basic Coatings…) mix their own formulations. The reason why we have chosen to use Pallman is the fact that they pride themselves on quality and they offer a product guarantee no other supplier provide. 
Bona Traffic is a surface build product - meaning it builds a protective coating on top of the wood. 

Our alternative to this is Pallman 98 and we choose this as it has a superior finish and is very hard wearing

Hard wax oil on the other hand impregnates the wood and protects the floor within the first few millimetres.
A comparison that swings decision into favour of the oil is once a lacquered floor (Bona Traffic or Pallman 98 or any other) wears through you will have to get the floor re-sanded all the way through.
This means over time, you reduce the life expectancy of the floor as there are only so many chances to sand a wood floor. (depending on the thickness of the wood)

With Hard wax oil – once the floor starts looking a little tired – you can get the floor deep cleaned and a thin coating of oil re-applied. If this is done as soon as the floor is in need of it, no sanding will be required. In some cases where there has been severe wear in places we can just sand the areas affected and blend it in.

Lastly – Considering your property is a barn, I do feel you a more likely to find the oil finish is well in keeping with the style of property.

We work for Aunties Tea Shop in Cambridge that has the floor cleaned every 6 Months and oil re-applied and this works very well – as for the reasons above Aunties Tea Shop will have a much longer life expectancy on their wood floor. In addition hard wax oil products are often specified for historic buildings (the Pugin designed Church of the Sacred Heart in St Ives being your closest) as they provide a modern and practical alternative to the old waxed or oil finishes.” Pierre

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