Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What can I do with my newly discovered wood floor?

Discovering that a beautiful wood floor lies just beneath a shabby old carpet can be really exciting, and it’s at this stage that you will do a search on-line for a professional sanding company. 
Before you search on-line for sanding company you will need to consider a few things:
• Is the floor worth sanding and which service do you require?
Before getting anyone to carry out the work on your newly discovered floor you will need to check out their credentials:
• Are they insured? Ask to see their insurance papers if unsure
• Have the had professional training? Check out their certificates
• Do they have experience? Ask to meet previous customers, check out references if necessary
• Do the company offer a guarantee? Make sure you ask for this in writing
• What finish do they recommend? These are some photos of a floor we recently restored with the above type of damage. 
The floor was strip filled (this is the gap between the planks) and then we filled them strip with resin
You will need to think about what type of wood flooring you have. If you have a traditional wood floor and there are large gaps between the boards then it is likely to have been made from pine. If your boards are butted neatly together then they are likely to have been made from oak, but a professional opinion would be recommended at this point. If in doubt then ask Art of Clean for advice, we have specialist wood flooring experts in our team.

A pine floor is very soft and is not exceptional quality, whereas oak on the other hand if looked after well will serve you well for many years.