Saturday, 10 August 2013

How to seal a wood floor

Art of Clean were asked to prepare and oil and newly installed rustic oak floor in the centre of Cambridge. This was a very interesting job as it was in a new Sicilian café, called Aromi opening up in the heart of Cambridge Centre.

Sealing a wooden floor with oil

Aromi had already invested in a good quality floor, so our work was relatively straight forward. We chose to seal it with oil, as it’s the best treatment for a floor that is going to receive lots of wear and tear. Oil, unlike other finishes just needs another coat when it starts to fade. A varnished or lacquered finish would need a full sand and new application to make it look good when it starts to wear.

At Art of Clean we would highly recommend oiling a floor if you have a restaurant, café or a place in your home which gets a lot of through traffic as they are much easier to maintain. If you need any help or advice about sealing your wooden floor in Cambridge and environs, then why not give our specialist team a call on: 01223863632

The divide between the two wood floors

We were recently called back to re-clean The Sacred Heart Church wood floors in St Ives, we sanded and sealed this floor with oil, to see our team in action please go to this wood sanding video.