Friday, 26 July 2013

Removing ink pen from a white leather sofa

This week we were restored a leather sofa near Cambridge. The owners called us after getting pen on the arm of their white leather sofa, so after an initial visit to check the stain; which includes determining the type of leather, the level of soiling, previous damage and the best cleaning method to give the best results, we decided to restore the arm.

With this white sofa we had to strip the arm back to the original leather and then re-pigment with white to restore it back to its original state, please see pics of before and after. We then cleaned and protected the sofa, please see our leather cleaning page for the 4 step-process.

It is worth bearing in mind that when you buy a new leather sofa, that it doesn’t necessarily come with stain protection, and staining can happen almost straight away, which could end up being a complete refurbishment job.

Leather protection is relatively straight forward and cost effective way of protecting your expensive purchase. For a free quotation to protect your valuable asset just give our team a call on: 01223 863632.