Monday, 17 June 2013

Gaps have appeared in my parquet floor

Wooden floors are beautiful, but understanding how to maintain the look of your wooden floors is imperative. By placing a rug onto a wooden floor can cause gaps to appear underneath, as wooden floors absorb moisture, and the speed in which the wood underneath the rug absorbs water will be different from the rest of the flooring, causing it to contract and detract differently; this method of contraction and de-contraction can be exacerbated by placing a plasticised rug pad or rug underlay between the rug and your wooden floor.
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If you find that you have gaps appearing under a rug on your wooden floor the best thing to do is to remove the rug, allowing the wood that was underneath it to acclimatise to the same temperature as the rest of the room. Then it will expand and contract in the same way as the rest of the floor.

If at this stage you find that there are still gaps from where your rug has been placed and have left it for at least six weeks you can ask a professional wood sanding and finishing company such as Art of Clean to repair your floor. But do be cautious as the gaps might also be seasonal, which means that in an ideal scenario it would be better to leave your floor for a couple of seasons before considering having it filled. If you fill the gaps in your parquet flooring prematurely this could result in floor not being able to contract and you might find that it will cause unwanted movement in the other parts for your wooden floor.

If you would like to discuss any of your concerns about gaps in your wooden floor, then please do not hesitate to call our flooring team on 01223 863638 and we will be able to give you our professional advice on the best treatment for your floor.