Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cleaning and Sealing a tiled floor

At Art of Clean we have been busy in and around Cambridge cleaning and sealing tiled floors and we are often asked how to keep your tiles looking clean…

At Art of Clean we know the best ways to keep your tiled and ceramic floors looking in tip-top condition. If your flooring is made from porcelain or ceramic tiles, they will normally have a non-porous surface, which keeps the tiles looking clean.

However this is not the same story for the grout, and it’s usually dirty grout which drives people up the wall. Some of our customers have resorted to using a toothbrush with harsh chemicals, which is not only very labour intensive it also only offers a very short-term solution to the problem. As after about a week of intensive cleaning your tiled floor will probably look worse than it did in the first place. Why? Because you have probably just scrubbed off any remaining sealer and have created microscopic craters in the grout.

Cleaning specialists use special cleaners not available in DIY stores, which are less harmful and abrasive, as they have been designed for a professional finish.

If your grout is looking dirty the best thing to do would be to call your local tile cleaning company, such as Art of Clean, as we will be able to give your tiled floor a deep clean and seal it for you.